Tuesday, May 15, 2012

ming ming

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anyone who knows kiki, knows she loves the wonder pets. she has 2 of each stuffed animal pets in her bed. this was at nickelodeon resort, i had no idea ming ming would be there so the girls were soooo excited!!

cute quotes:
i told them to split up these pots evenly. i was in the kitchen but i could hear them. it was an uneven number.
halle said, "there is one left over kiki, one person will have more"
kiki said, "you can have it halle because you're the very bestest sister in the whole world!"

me, "kiki, i couldn't have asked for a better daughter then you."
kiki, "mama, i couldn't have asked for a better mama then you!"

halle, "mama, i'm so excited to see maci today, her, shreya and ruthie are my very best friends next to kiki"
its so sweet how they say things like without any hesitation.

favorite compliments:
my friend told me she liked the way kiki was ALWAYS smiling. when she is playing, talking, listening, she always has a huge smile on her face.
lynn noticed that too, and of course i love that about her. even halle always says kiki always wakes up happy. there isn't any better way to start the day then a little smiling face staring at you, two inches from your face, just waiting for your eyes to open. it always makes me happy to get up in the morning!

next fav. compliment was the girls got babysat by our adopted southern grandparents. when i came home, our granny told me she had never seen two sisters act the way the girls act. she kept going on about how they were such great friends and talked so kindly to each other and really loved playing with each other. it totally made my day. i know it about the girls, i have never seen anything quite like it before. the girls find each other hilarious and play all day. they are full of compliments for each other, "you look pretty today" or "good job on your picture".
i love these girls!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

bun hawk

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this way its called a bun hawk.....do them across the top like a crown, and halle named it the statue of liberty....its finally fun to do their hair, its a pain when they were little , but now they know its so worth it to walk out of the house looking like a rock star!

last week we went to orlando, tom had a work conference. we stayed at the nickelodeon hotel. why not if someone else is picking up the tab. the nickelodeon hotel is pretty cool, two pools, tons of slides, and a 2 bedroom theme room....we got jimmy neutron.....i was glad to get anything but dora.....
they also have some shows, a sponge bob show and a live double dare type show where tom got picked from the audeience to be in it. see how many whitie tightie underware you can put on over your shorts in one minute. when your in a hurry , your shorts get bunched up under the underware and by the end it looked like he was wearing a big diaper. so funny, they made him walk across the stage and do some poses....
highlights of the trip, swimming in the heated pool, they have a giant bucket out at the pool, that drops slime on the people below, called the mass sliming, its really green water, but really fun for the girls, kiera barfed sitting in my lap down my cleavage, since i was in a bathing suit, at the sponge bob show, so everyone got to see me leave with a barf down my suit....halle nearly lost her lunch when she saw me lean over the sink and dumb out my suit, hilarious....visiting downtown disney a couple nights one to play at the lego store: AWESOME. and bestest part of the trip was meeting the Hall family at downtown disney, they just happened to be visitng fl at the same time as us. haven't got to see my bff, Jen and the fam in 2 years....i've talked to her almost everyday for the last 10 years, so it was so fun to hang out!!!! pictures to come of the trip!

tom's bday

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this picture is from tom's birthday....a couple months ago. never posted about it. want to make sure we remember it. it was a fun day. got up to make tom breakfast. biscuits and gravy. yummm. it was the girls first time having it. halle says her favorite food is gravy, so this white stuff with sausage, she was in heaven. halle made the eggs by herself. love having a skillet, she is getting to do so much cooking. she can do scrambled eggs and pancakes and a few other things all by herself, with just a stool and skillet, she actually is more helpful then messy.

then we went to our cheer game., then to see chipwrecked, then out to lunch, home to get pepper, then to the park.
fun day!
the girls got tom an angry bird stuffed animal, it sits on the shelf and tom uses it to hold his sunglasses, the girls think thats the coolest thing ever.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

kiki saying "raise the roof"

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we've had the funnest days lately! last week we went to the atlanta children's museum. its free once a month. we drove up with some friends and spent a few hours. the kids were not ready to leave. mostly they played in the moon sand tables and with the dress up stuff and stage!
the weather here is so beautiful, i love it. we get to play outside everyday and we are soooo happy we just had great neighbors move in next door. they put up a swingset and trampoline and they have the nicest 5 year old boy, everyday the girls knock on his door or he knocks on ours to come out and play!

last weekend we wen to 6 flags, opening weekend, we have season passes again this year so we were all excited to go back!!!

yeastarday we made homemade side walk chalk with cornstarch and water, and painted on the side walk.

today: cherry blossom!

me, "kiki, how'd you get to be so pretty?"
kiki, "i learned from halle, i just did everything she did"

me, "a mansion is a big house"
halle, "i already knew that"
me, "you know everything , don't you?"
halle (totally serious), "no, not everything, i know half"
me, "so you only need to learn half more and you'll know everything?"
halle, "yes, then i'll know everything in the world"

me (trying to teach stranger danger), "don't go with people even if they look nice. strangers don't always look mean. even pretty people can be mean"
halle (seriously confused), "but mama, everyone's pretty, i don't know anyone that isn't pretty."
SHE IS SO STINKIN' SWEET....how did she get that way???

kiki, "mama, my friend told me if you go to jail, we can go stay at her house" (kiki has been dying to go to this friend's house, so i could tell she was kinda excited.)

me, "kiki, you want me to go to jail!?!"
kiki, "well, if you do something bad."
KIKI, (realized what she was saying and felt horrible) "i still love you mommy"
then, every 10 min for the the next hour she had to tell me , 'i love you mommy'

tom taught the girls clue this weekend. they LOVED it. regular clue, just didn't use a dice, just go to a room every time its your turn. me and tom didn't think about it being about murder till halfway through when halle says, "so how do you kill someone with a rope?"
"uh......a rope around your neck will choke you.'
halle, "oh....(thinking)......or you could tie someone up and leave them in a street to get run over" (as she acts it out)

ok......so maybe not the best game to teach kids...hahaha....too late now, we are hooked!

kiki finally got over her fear of losing this week. she used to be such a sore loser that she wouldn't even play games for fear of losing. she finally snapped out of it, thank goodness and we had so much fun playing clue , monopoly and mario cart this past week. she doesn't even care when she loses anymore.

kiki, "rose, i like your shoes"
staring, silence, waiting, staring, silence, waiting.......
kiki, "rose, your supposed to say 'thank you'"

Monday, March 12, 2012

the twins

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the girls love to take the "twins" everywhere! we bring their strollers to stores and feild trips, ect......

cute quotes:
we were getting ready to go somewhere after a long day, i said to tom, do i look alright or should i go change? kiki said with a shocked voice, "mama, you look BEAUTIFUL, you don't need to go change"
it was so sweet.

halle, "mama, whenever your driving, i get so nervous that your going to hit a mailbox"

someone at church asked halle if she was still doing cheer. she said no, but my dad taught me basketball the other day. he said, thats cool, your dad will be a good basketball teacher since he's a good player. halle said, "I don't need a teacher anymore, he already taught me, and now i know how to play."
the person laughed and told me what she said. i said, you can only imagine the challeneges we've had with homeschooling this year.... she already knows everything

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

off to church

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a halle original hairstyle.....
"put pony tails down the middle of my head, like a mohawk, but don't pull the hair all the way through" oh and she wanted some cornrows leading up to the mohawk, i did one little braid on each side. you can only imagine her face when she looked in the mirror when i was done....christmas morning.....
then the dresses, tights, and top it off with a scarf, ready for the day, just so happened it was sunday and we were headed to church, but it could have been walmart for all they care...there's never a reason not to look your best!
i told halle that we were having another talent show at church , so she could think of a talent....fashion! popped out of her mouth before i even finished..."thats my talent!"...."i want to model, like a fashion show".....so i was thinking of maybe printing up some of these pictures i 've taken ( i have a ton on flickr) of her and kiki's most creative outfits and put them on a poster to display at the talent show. i should really get her on video one morning when she comes out and describes to me why she chose each peice and accessory.......they way they pose and strut around...its really something, especially for a mom like me....i do like make up and hair, but i've never been into clothes and accessories....funny how different their little personalities are from me.


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today we were driving in the car and kiki says this:
"mama, i couldn't sleep all night, i was up all night feeling so bad and sad"
i ask why
"i feel so sad that daddy has to work and doesn't get to be home having fun with us all day. its just so sad. he has to work and doesn't get to have fun"
she looks likes shes on the verge of tears, so i tell her, thats sweet kiki, and i'm sure he misses us and wishes he could be here, but i say, daddy is glad and happy that he can work and make money so we can live in a house and eat and play.
later i told tom. when i got to the part about daddy being "glad and happy", he just shook his head and said i'm not that happy about it....me and halle laughed, kiki looked confused....halle said, yeah, you have to make money so we can go out and spend it, hahahahah. i said, "yeah, and today we wasted it on the dog" (pepper got some shots)....then we were all laughing, even kiki....

Friday, February 17, 2012

valentine's day

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me and the girls made this vday cake for our homeschool keepers group. the girls had fun picking out the candy and decorating!

this year for valentine's day we had a really fun day! tom told the girl he wanted to take them to the movies for a date on vday. the only movie out was something halle did not want to see, but kiki was excited about a daddy date so tom said he would have to take them on seperate dates! luckily tom was on call, so he didn't end up having to work all day. we got up and tom took halle to breakfast. i gave kiki some ideas of what we could do together and she picked take her babies in their stroller to the mall to walk around. she was in HEAVEN pushing them around, played with the puppies at the pet store and got a gumball! then we came home and switched. tom took kiki to the movies and halle wanted to do the same thing kiki had done. so we took her babies to the mall, with their stroller and did the same thing!

when we all got home, we went to the phone store, target and the sports store next door and played with the basketballs....valentine's evening and we had the store to ourselves. tom let each of the girls pick out a present for each other and for me. halle of course, picked flowers for me and kiki picked me out a minnie mouse shirt, which she was thrilled about me wearing the next day!

me and the girls made tom dessert that night, so yum! we had a great day, i know the girls will be looking forward to valentine's day for next year!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

pepper's party

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pepper's party was the last friday of xmas break. it turned out to be a day about 75, and all our friends had off school, so perfect timing! i posted the party info as my facebook status, so all our friends were invited! we had a great turnout, like 30 people, which was awesome, cuz the girls were expecting that EVERYONE would want to be there! we even had a couple people bring their dogs. i forgot to take a picture of the cake, but i made a big cake bowl and frosted it bright pink, pepper's favorite color and filled it with the recesses peanut butter ball cereal. it looked cute!
planning the party was half the fun for the girls. we made dog bone collars for everyone and i had letter stickers that they put on the tags. then we bought happy 1st birthday plates and napkins and some canned dog food for pepper's cake, with a stick doggy treat, for the candle (halle's idea)....we played with the parachute, played red rover, red rover, hunted for hidden paper dog bones that i hid in the bushes, sang happy birthday, ate cake and chips, opened a couple presents people had bought pepper, someone got her a toy which pepper carried around the house for the next week! then we played sand and the kids made a huge house for themselves and pepper. and of course pepper looked adogable in her little dress that the girls got her for xmas!
it was sooo much fun. Everyone who came had a really fun time!
we are looking for a reason to throw another party, but sadly, valentine's day is going to be too cold to have it outside :(
we'll see what the girls talk me into next, keep a look out on f/b for the next big bash :)

pepper's party

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pepper's party

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Saturday, February 11, 2012


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this year we went to the nutcracker. it is our family tradition. so as soon as the xmas stuff went up in the stores in oct. the girls were asking about going. they were so excited. we never go anywhere all dressed up, except to church...but to go out to eat all fancy, total dream come true for the girls. i even waved all of our hair and let the girls pick out my clothes and accessories...the girls love the show. its long and they watch and enjoy the whole thing!

more current updates:
we are actually learning a lot this year in school. everyday i tell tom, "i learn something new everyday and it's only kindergarten" ...tom makes fun of me for saying it, until the other day when he overheard me teaching them something...biggest countries, blah, blah, blah....he didn't believe me...whipped out his phone to double check me and i was right.....even tom is learning a lot in kindergarten.

kiki is so sweet, everyday she tells me at least 3 times, randomly, that she loves me. yestarday we went to a baptism, the girls were so reverent and quiet, and it was kinda noisey, halle's two friends sat next to her and talked the whole time and halle sat perfectly quiet without me even having to say anything to her. kiki sat quiet too on my lap. in the car ride home i told them how good they were and how happy i was and most importantly i kept telling them how happy that made Heavenly Father. kiki's cutest quote of the day: "mama, i want to do everything that God wants me to do". i told her that made my heart happy and she said, mine too!

i bought kiki a box of tissues for her runny nose. first time i ever bought a box of tissues for the girls. kiki held the box the whole time in the grocery cart she was so happy and every time, and i mean every time she used one that day, she came and told me, "thank you so much for buying me these tissues! your the best mom in the whole world!"....it was just tissues and they were really cheap, but it was so sweet!

halle is crazy about cheer. can't wait to post pictures. she comes up with cheers all day and the moves. and then we all have to watch and then she says, do you like it. i say yes. and then she asks if i'll use it and teach teh girls at the next practice. sometimes they are so random i can't use them ("ready, ok, i like ice cream, go team go!" ...you get the idea), but every now and then i use one of her moves or let her change one of the cheers i found online and she gets so excited!

Monday, January 30, 2012

santa and pepper

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i still have tons of cute pics on flickr that i need to talk about. when we went to see santa at the bass pro shop, someone was there with there dog, so of course the girls said we needed to bring pepper and of course we did! as soon as we got there it was raining and pepper got wet, and when we walked in santa had jsut left on his lunch break for an hour! and of course, i had forgotten her leash (thought we'd be in and out) so while the girls did the other activites, color pages and frosted cookies, ect....i got to carry around a stinky wet dog....every time i set her down, she took off, typical...and she even got so excited when someone reached down to pet her, she peed on the floor, typical.....but in the end, it was all worth it for the girls to get their picture!

(someone the other day looked surprised when i said that i let the girls pick out their own clothes....really?... you thought i did this)

this last weekend was toms bday weekend! starting friday: i got up and did school with the girls and tom got to sleep in. when he was up and ready he said he wanted to take the girls out. they left at 11 and went to frozen yogurt, burger king, i don't know what else, but they were gone for 4 hours, i cleaned the whole house, it felt so good! then when they came home shreya invited them to go out to stevie Bs for pizza, so i took them over there while i went grocery shopping. they got home at 7 and fell asleep as soon as their head hit the pillow!
saturday was tom's bday. me and the girlys got up and made biscuits and gravy and eggs. then we went to the girl's cheer game, then we went to see chipwrecked, then we went mexican for lunch, then back home to pick up pepper and straight out again to the park. then home at for ice cream and cookies. the girls got tom an angry bird stuffed animal, they have been begging me to get him since xmas....i've been saying no, but when the clairs here went out of business and they were 75% off, i finally caved....and they got him double stuffed oreos....he was happy. they are glad he has a stuffed animal to sleep with at night now....i just didn't seem right for him to sleep with out anything.....
on sunday i made tom his birthday dinner and deseret. the dinner he picked was cannolones from Uraguay and they were sooo yummy! the deseret was a flop, but at least i had ice cream and those double stuffed oreos!
it was a fun weekend! tom said it was the best birthday he's ever had!
oh and the girls made him the cutest cards with pictures of them and him that they drew and halle wrote, "dada, i love you. U R the best." and then she spelled it all out for kiki to write on her card!

ps. the girls have 2 "black babies" and 2 "blond babies" they each have one of each and have been carriying them everywhere for a few weeks now. to the movies, to church, strollers for walks, in the car, buckled up. its so cute! kiera's black baby is even named Kizzy...isn't that the baby from roots? made me laugh....they are the baby alive brand that drink and pee...what more could a kid want!?!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

showing off some xmas presents

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we have had some fun days lately...here's some highlights:
when lynn was here we did "fun friday" every friday, home made pizza and playing....when they left, i had to keep the tradition going...i told the girls they could each pick a friend to have over on friday after school till 7pm. we have had so much fun doing this and the girls look forward to it all week! we make home made pizza and i let each girl either make a pizza or a calzone. most of the girls that have come over have never done it before so they love it! a couple weeks ago we had a couple girls from their cheer squad over. it was fun to have brand new friends over the house! and its made cheer more fun for the girls to feel like they have lots of best friends on the squad!
favorite things to do are usually nails, make up, and dancing!

the monday after new years, tom had off. when ever he has off, he takes the girls out to breakfast. they love their date with daddy.
we got out monopoly and played most of the day!

we got a few games from grandma for xmas too, mouse trap and the squinkies game. it is so fun to have kids old enough to play games. we play a game pretty much everyday and have a pretty fun collection of games now!

a couple saturdays ago we took pepper to a dog park. the girls were thrilled! i was scared to death being around all the big dogs. so was pepper. she didn't move from under my legs or off my lap. but someone brought a litter of 7 wk old , german sheperds, 8 of them. kiki was in heaven with them crawling all over her! i was grossed out, i'm really not a dog person, but she was so happy , i kept a fake smile on the whole time.

i turned the extra room in our house into a mini house for the girls. i put all their new baby stuff from xmas in it, cribs, high chairs, a little table, with their tea set from grandma, their kitchen, strollers, ect. the girls love it and love to be little mama's in their little "house". everytime i walk by the room it makes me happy to think about what a dream life the girls have. i have the happiest memories from my childhood and thats what i'm trying to make for my girls too!

shreya had a girls night on saturday. the girls had so much fun. dinner, made snow globes, and painted and played! it was an awesome "late-over"!

cheer is turing out to be sooo fun. its a dream come true for me to get to be there coach. i seriously can't think of anything better. the girls tell me all the time they love me being the coach. we have practice every wedn. and a game on saturday. we have learned about 20 cheers that we do throughtout the game. then at half time the girls do a hip hop dance to music i found youtube and then at the end of the game, i put on the music and line up up on the side line and have the girls run out one at a time and do cartwheel, splits, or jump kicks. we usually go through the girls 3 x, they love it so much!

tuesday, after having had rain for about a week, it was in the 70s and sunny. we stayed out front on the drive way from 12-6pm. after school some neighborhood kids came out. in 6 hours, we had so much fun, we did jump rope, chalk outlined our bodies, put on music and danced. got the my little ponies and made chalk cities on the drive way for them and house. rollerbladed, raced, got out the beach towels and unbrellas and laid out....it was awesome! so relaxing and fun. i love my girls so much. they make my days so much fun....what would i do with out them? everyone always asks what i would do if they said they wanted to go to chool... ..seriously?.......school or getting to play all day with your mom, sister, and your puppy.....i dont' think they'll be asking any time soon.

-the girls have decided to make their beds everyday, including re setting up all their animals so it looks nice....who are these kids....i've never made a bed in my life!

-halle, "i love ice cream more then anything in the world!" kiki, "more then God, halle? HE MADE YOU!"

you know the katy perry song, "your hot then your cold, your yes , then your no"
the other day i listened closely while halle sang it and she sings, "your hot then your cold, theirs a nest in your nose"

ok, back to school work. now that i've got the lap top at the table with us for school, i might do more updates....

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

DIY skateboards

DSC02846, originally uploaded by Our Little One.

i bought these skate boards at a yardsale last year and held on to them to give to the girls for xmas. this last year, i saved everything i got at yard sales and thrift stores to give to the girls for xmas. i ended up finding the girls some cool stuff. these boards cost a few bucks each. then i took the girls to micheals and said they could each pick out their favorite scrapbook paper for something i was making them for xmas, but didn't tell them what it was. halle picked a paper with cupcakes on it and kiki picked one with peace signs. then i cut up a hello kitty activity book i had already and modge podge it on the boards and viola...custom made skateboards! they were so happy. especially cuz james is a really great skateboarder, so they know if they practice they can get good too. and james got a board for xmas this year too....the girls have used them a lot, mostly for sitting on and riding down hills, but they are getting better at skating on them too. i have used halle's board a lot too, its actually really fun, never tried it before, but maybe us girls will get good at it this year.

christmas break

DSC02884, originally uploaded by Our Little One.

it was hard to get halle out of the boots and skirt, she looked so cute as a little skater girl


DSC02889, originally uploaded by Our Little One.

it will take me awhile to blog about all that happened over christmas, but i figure i should start wrting some of the highlights so i don't forget. this is halle in some of her new christams stuff. the shirt, the tights, the purple boots, which she told me was one of her favorite presents. i just happened to be at the goodwill one day and saw a pair of pink and purple boots, new with tags, sitting next to one another. i scooped them off the shelf into my cart under a big shirt to hide them from the girls....i always keep a big shirt in the cart with me at thrift stores to hide stuff from the girls....when the girls weren't looking i took a peek and crossed my fingers that at least one would be the right size....turned out the purple pair were halle's size and the pink were kiera's size, exactly....i was so excited. the girls have worn their boots almost everyday since christmas.
also, notice halle' s streaked hair, al ittle red in it. tom bought the girls these hair colors that you rub on hair. it so cute!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

fav. quotes of the week.

tom was teasing the girls, saying why would you throw a dog a party. she doesnt' need a party, she's just a dog. they knew he was kidding but they were having fun defending the reasons you HAVE to have a party for a dog. finally halle said, "daddy, we are throwing pepper a party because WE are the funnest family in the world!"

kiki's quote of the week, "your the nicest mom in the world to stay home with us everyday!" sometimes kiki says the sweetest things to me that make my day!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

christmas eve treats

DSC02844, originally uploaded by Our Little One.

cookies for santa claus...
carrot for the reindeer
and doggy treats for santa paws on the little plate. santa left a little note for the girls thanking them for the treats and for leaving pepper out of the bathroom so they could play with her. we all opened PJs for xmas eve. grandma lopez bought halle size 5....luckily she got a pair from grandma garrett. halle asked me, "when you get old, do you get more forgetter?" i said, "yeah, why?"...."cuz i think grandma forgot that i'm 6 , not 5".
poor grandma lopez, losing her mind and her sweetest grand child has to point it out to her...
christmas eve was so exciting. we sprinkled oats and sprinkles, reindeer food on the front lawn, read xmas stories, ate cookies and hot chocolate....you could feel the excitment and magic in the air.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

hello kitty

DSC02902, originally uploaded by Our Little One.

lucy was so excited to get a hello kitty shirt for xmas from grandma. she has become so garrett this year!
all the girls are in new xmas clothes, makeup, hair color highlights, and tights.....cutest girls ever. we'll miss these May girls a ton! what a fun year we've had!!!

gingerbread castle

DSC02763, originally uploaded by Our Little One.

one of halle's homeschool groups was having a gingerbread house contest. everyone took their house to put on display. most people used kits so ours was the only castle and the girls thought that was pretty cool. one house was spectacular and looked like they spent 3 weeks building it, 3 story high, with candy cane pillars. looked like the white house, the obvious winner (its a homeschool group, so there are high school kids in it too).....anyways, we left early so when we were leaving we i got the lady to give us our certificates before we left...the ones everyone get just for entering the contest, but the girls didn't see anyone else get there's yet cuz we were on our way out. i got all excited about the certificate and told the girls, look, you guys had the coolest castle so they gave you a certificate. they started freaking out and jumping up and down, thinking they had won the contest. then after a min of thinking about it, halle said, "mama, i can't believe we won, i really would of thought the one with the candy cane pillars would have won".....well, halle's not a sore loser, but i thought why not boost her self confidence.....so i said, well, there's was good, but it was no castle. halle said, yeah, thats true.

christmas eve!

DSC02815, originally uploaded by Our Little One.

me and my best little buddy in the whole world.

pepper's first xmas

DSC02795, originally uploaded by Our Little One.

having a puppy first xmas is pretty fun. it was almost as exciting for the girls to know xmas was coming for pepper as it was for them to know xmas was coming for them.
yes, i know, this blog is becoming more about pepper then anyone else, but the girls ask me all day long to take pictures of them and pepper. "mama, take a picture of me and pepper doing this...or that...ect...."
half the time i do use my "pretend" camera and just hold up my hands and pretend to take a picture, but the other half of the time, what the heck....thank goodness there digital pictures.....

check out the girls cute bangs.....kiki, said, "straight across" and halle said she wanted a side swoop.....they look like more like mini me's now.

2x in the week since someone has told halle, you look like your mom. and both times halle has said, "i think i look more like my dad".

poor pepper

DSC02805, originally uploaded by Our Little One.

the girls begged me to get pepper boots for xmas, but when they saw this santa suit, they begged me to get it. really how could i say no, it was just so cute and pepper looked so re-dog-u-lous in it.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


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this is halle back in jan. doing cheerleading. she loved it! i was glad she liked it but the coach was really boreing and had them sitting around during most of the games. halle has been asking me when she can do it again, but i didn't want to sign her up and waste my money.....i know the coaches are volunteers so i decided to call the rec. center and ask if they still needed a cheer coach. they did! so i volunteered and signed both the girls up. they were freaking out and screaming when i told them i was going to be the coach! i decided the last week of sign ups to do it, so i didn't have anytime to spread the word except to post on facebook that sign ups were ending and i was trying to recruit any of halle's friends....it was so cheap, only $15! so i got a few friends to sign their daughters up and the girls were freaking out when i told them they would know some of the kids on the squad.

i have spent some time on youtube learning some basic cheers. this is going to be a lot of fun!!! there will be no sitting around and no time to be boring. i'm really excited about this!

Monday, December 12, 2011


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this is what beautiful looks like! the girls were shut in the bathroom for an hour and they came out feeling like a million bucks! when lucy is over kiki has to tell her a few times , randomly, "iloveyou , lucy!" halle and kiki have had so much fun helping this little princess in training prepare to graduate from the garrett girls princess school and be ready to be on her own with lily in a few weeks! LUcy, i think your ready!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

grandma and grandpa garrett

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the girls had a great time while grandma and grandpa garrett were here for thanksgiving weekend! here's what we did:
wednesday: out to lunch, to walmart to pick out some new toys (highlight was halle got a stand up hello kitty microphone and kiki got a barbie rock star guitar, they have been having so much fun in "band practice") go see the muppets movie.
thursday: cook, watch the parade, play outside (it was in the 70s all weekend!) , eat like pigs!, play just dance, and hang out.
friday: go for a hike, went to johnny G's fun center for 5 hours!!! had pizza and did go-karts and all the indoor fun stuff!
saturday: halle made everyone pancakes, mickey mouse shaped with feather shaped pancakes, bacon and eggs, she even set the table and prepared everyone's plate! then we went rollerskating, to the bass pro shop to see santa (where this picture is taken) then went home, grandma and grandpa garrett went home!

it was jam packed with lots of fun! plus the girls love when anyone likes pepper and grandma and grandpa fell in love with pepper!

grandpa lopez

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grandpa lopez came for thanksgiving. he stayed with the mays since we had grandma and grandpa garrett visiting us. we had a great time over thanksgiving!!

this picture cracks me up because lucy didn't want her picture taken, obviously, but lynn warned her she would look like a troll in the picture if she didnt' smile.....every time i look at the picture, i crack up....yup, a troll is a good word for lucy in this picture!


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the nails , plus i did hair wraps for the girls and put tiny bells on the ends of them....they love the little jingle where ever they go and the compliments!

christmas nails!

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fancy girls

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on monday we went to the goodwill....a weekly activity. and found these adorable cups and saucers. there are always tons of them there. we have a small tea pot collection and cups and saucers that we get out occassionally for a tea party, but the girls have been using these cups and saucers for every meal this week. i guess its nice to start out your day fancy and proper! they leave them on the counter all day and i refill their pots. they each picked their favorite pot, but one of these days i'll have to take a picture of the whole collection. halle asked me, "why would any one get rid of these pretty cups?" ....my answer, "there's crazy people out there, halle, crazy!!" i said it totally serious, and she just nodded in agreement.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

just another day at the garretts

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the girls always find ways to have fun at our house! dressing up and dancing is an everyday event!

quotes of the day:
halle, "mama, can we hang some mistletoe really low for pepper and if any dogs come over and they walk under it with pepper, they can sniff each other's butts under the mistle toe"

grandpa lopez, "what are you going to leave santa to drink with his cookies"
halle, "alcohol"

i was pretty shocked she would say this, since we don't drink, but i guess that's why she thought it would be a funny joke. the only time she has ever heard that word is when i taught them about the word of wisdom and explained to her that we don't drink alcohol....

i need to get a video of halle's southern accent....she's getting good at it and its pretty funny.

more nails...

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it never gets old for the girls and i love it too, its actually really fun to do! have to post the christmas nails soon!

shreya's party

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shreya, one of our best friends, had her bday party a few weeks ago. as the girls were getting all ready and accessorized for the party, i thought, i'm pretty sure lynn does not know how to get her girls ready for a party. so i called and told her to send them over and i would get them ready. lynn was of course, confused, telling me they were dressed and ready to go......no, when a girl is going to a party, getting ready is half the fun. i crimped lucy's hair but didn't get a good picture of it, it looked so long with the curl taken out of it. lucy immediately ripped off her clothes (lynn had her in a black shirt :( and put on one of kiki's shirts , we did make up, sprayed hair and clothes in glitter, perfume, necklaces, the works! when lily saw all this going on, she kept ripping at her ugly clothes, saying , "off, off"...luckily i found a pair of jeans and a princess shirt that lucy had left here to put on her and she was sooooo happy!

the party was so much fun, but i forgot my camera. it was a rockstar party, so there was lots of dancing!

shreya had adam and james be security guards at the door and they wore their suits and checked people's names off a guest list. it was sooo cute!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

french manicure

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can any one say no to this girl? i dont think so....halle got tom to not only paint her nails, he's done that before , but to give her a french manicure on her hands and toe nails. it came out pretty good, i've never seen a french manicure on a 6 year old, so it was cute! she saw it on someone at church and thought it was so cool. reminds me of something funny she said a while back. i was telling her about the pioneers having to leave their home to go to Utah....halle said, if i had to leave my home and move somewhere, i wouldn't go to Utah, i'd move to Paris!

yeah, thats a mermaid tail on pepper...

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and she wore a sea shell bra to match it.....the girls had this costume picked out the day we bought pepper....its a build a bear costume (so there is even a hole in the mermaid tail for pepper's tail)....i'm sure pepper loved it, pepper went trick or treating with us...it was better then last year when the girls made me bring the guinea pig trick or treating with us.

here, little kitty

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i was planning on being a witch again. kiki wanted to be Ming ming....(wonder pet)
and halle the black cat. well, it doesn't take long of watching halle prowl around the house in her kitty costume (weeks before halloween) and swinging her tail, and playing with cat toys, to make you wish you were a kitty too....which is exactly what halle wanted....so me and kiera decided we wanted to be kitty's too. and the girls were so happy we were all matching! the girls had one peice black leatards.....dont' worry, i just wore black pants and a black shirt.

finished product

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here is the finished product! they actually tasted really good too. kiki couldn't bare to eat hers....too scary....

making the monster bread

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this kiki making her monster bread. both girls made a loaf and then decorated it. they turned out so cute for our scary dinner on halloween!

Friday, December 2, 2011

scary dinner

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here is our halloween dinner. me and lynn both made stuff. rat meatballs, cauliflower brains, monster bread, eye eggs and mummy dogs.....it was so fun to have the mays with us! kiera could only bring herself to eat the mummy dogs, everything else grossed her out. i had to destroy and disguise the rats to get her to eat them the next day.
is adam the best harry potter, or what